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Sexual Educator and Healer in Colorado
The Heartful Embrace

Boulder/Denver, CO

Member of the Sexual Educators Guild

My name is Randall. I have been married for over 40 years. Around the year 2000, I was called to establish The Heartful Embrace as a resource for women who are ready for more focused, conscious explorations into Self-revelation, -affirmation and –love. I access the transpersonal energies of the heart center (fourth chakra) to support you in accessing your own, mature innocence ... creating new templates of ecstatic appreciation ... and reclaiming the empowered, trusting, and self-possessed essence of your own abundant heart. I would be honored to stand as caring catalyst and affirming witness & advocate for your unique growth and expression. .***. Please visit my website, and consider offering yourself the gifts of:

  • Restorative fields of safety, permission, and unconditional love that nurture true Self-possession
  • Heart-centered energies that awaken and affirm the goddess within
  • Guidance, counsel and insight that encourage and celebrate the expression of the divine feminine principle in your Life
  • Your own innate capacities for maturity, clarity and manifestation that are your birthright
  • "Thank you for how you’ve assisted and witnessed me becoming who I always knew I was… I feel more connected to myself -- therefore others"
  • "“I wish every woman could have the experience of so much loving masculine energy dedicated to her process. I feel enlivened and empowered"


Sexual Educator and Healer in Colorado
Rhoda J. Lipscomb, LPC, DAACS


Psychotherapist, Certifed Sex Therapist, and Sex Coach Board Certified Clinical Sexologist “Am I normal?? As a therapist who specializes in sexuality, this is one of the most common questions I hear from my clients. What I tell them is that if you have experienced some form of sexual dysfunction, been divorced, had infidelity in your relationship, lacked intimacy with your partner, had little to no sex education, then congratulations, you are normal! In our society we grow up with a culture that is obsessed with sex yet is one of the most sex negative cultures on the planet. It is no wonder that most of us struggle with a part of our life that we are taught to believe “should? come naturally, yet without the proper tools is impossible. I work with clients who have a wide variety of sexual expression from the mild to the wild. The most important issue is finding your own voice for your sexuality. Do you struggle with low sexual desire or inhibition and would like to be able to break out of your shell having greater joy with your partner? Do you find that monogamy and/or heterosexuality is too limiting for you and you need help explaining the concepts of an open relationship to your spouse? Do you wish you could bring your fantasies of BDSM, swinging, or other types of sexual expression into your real life? All of these things and more are possible; it is only your limiting belief system that keeps you stuck. I use many traditional psychotherapy techniques, such as Cognitive-Behavioral, Solution-Focused, and Person-Centered Therapy as well as some non-traditional techniques like Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to help you to envision the best in you and your partner. Whether you are struggling with sexual functioning issues such as low libido, erectile issues, inability to orgasm, or sexuality issues such as compulsive porn use and masturbation, sexual orientation, of fetish issues I can help you to live a better life and have more joy in your relationships with yourself and others. If you want to remain “normal? continue with your current course of action. However, if you would like to be abnormal (and happier than you ever imagined) contact me and let’s start the process of unleashing you from the chains of your limiting beliefs and letting your sexuality soar!



Sexual Educator and Healer in Colorado
Dr. HazelGrace Yates

Denver, CO

Bold and daring. I am HazeGracel. My purpose is to create learning opportunities for individuals and couples who are interested in experiencing more freedom, pleasure, and heart-centered connection in their sexuality and intimacy. I combine bodywork, relational exercises, energy work, somatic awareness and transformational communication. I provide a structured, accepting, loving environment for you to feel safe to ask questions you may have always been afraid to ask. It is my highest intention that our work together supports you in creating and experiencing the life you truly desire. Founder of: The Cock and Pussy Project, Dance Utopia, Out of Sight Adventures: Achievements, accolades, credentials: Masters in Education, Tantra Counselor trained with Shawn Roop, Life Lyft Facilitator, training with Charles Muir�s Source Tantra, Contact Improv dance teacher, Authentic Man Program (AMP), and extensive training in Landmark Education.

  • Intimacy and Sex Coaching
  • Heal sexual trauma, shame, guilt, embarrassment
  • Expand your emotional and physical pleasure capacity
  • Increase confidence pleasuring your partner
  • Women's empowerment
  • Experience deep love and intimacy



Sexual Educator and Healer in Colorado

Denver, CO

Member of the Sexual Educators Guild

Local practitioner specializing in:

  • Tantra/Sacred Sexuality
  • Tantric Coaching
  • Sensual Massage
  • Puja Parties
  • Single & Couples
  • Private & Group Sessions



Sexual Educator and Healer in Colorado

Denver, CO (and other cities)

Welcome! Laura is Certified in the Sacred Tantra Arts and has had several teachers over the years. She is passionate about walking with those who feel called to the Tantric Path, giving gentle guidance, love and nourishment on their journey of awakening. Laura is a Certified Tantra Practitioner and Facilitator through the Australian School of Tantra and Loveworks. She has had many years of experience in Energy Healing, Energetic and Shamanic Bodywork, Meditation, White & Red Tantra and embraces a Zen Philosophy. Laura has been practicing for some 15 years, in Australia, Europe and the US. She has facilitated healing sessions and workshops with couples, women and men addressing various emotional, physical and spiritual issues (e.g. lack of intimacy, communication difficulties, trauma/abuse, lack of confidence, and adding the spark and joy back into relationships). She works with couple's and individuals. "Tantra is like dancing in spaces of high sensual states. In these places of beauty, souls are connecting and teaching each other through different forms of appreciation. *Laura tours other cities in the US so please don't hesitate to ask!

  • Awakening the Kundalini energy
  • Letting go, surrendering and intimacy
  • Putting the spark back into your relationship
  • Sacred Temple Space & Tantric Rituals
  • Loving Communication; deep listening and presence
  • Deeper connection and expression


Sexual Educator and Healer in Colorado

Denver, CO

Member of the Sexual Educators Guild

Frank is a Certified Tantra Educator through the Source School of Tantra and Charles Muir. With a background of activities such as fishing, hunting, hiking, and cooking, and the teachings of Quodoushka, he brings a practical, no nonsense approach to healing and energy movement. “My purpose as healer is to provide respect, nurturing, and education to those seeking to awaken their sexual self and with their partner.?

  • Tantra/Sacred Sexuality Education
  • Private/Group Sessions


Sexual Educator and Healer in Colorado
Tantric Sacred Journeys

Boulder, CO

Member of the Sexual Educators Guild

Dawn and Gerard are Certified Tantra Educators through the Source School of Tantra and Charles Muir. We individually and together provide Tantric Exploration for couples, women and men in the form of evening, full day and full weekend workshops and private coaching.\\r\\n

  • Tantra and Sacred Sexuality
  • Workshops for Women, Men and Couples
  • Introduction to the Art of Tantra workshops for Singles and Couples
  • Learn ways to increase intimacy, passion and connection
  • Private sessions for Individuals and Couples
  • Privte retreats in our location or yours



Sexual Educator and Healer in Colorado
A. GoldenFire

Boulder and Denver, CO

A Golden Fire from Scandinavia find her calling here in the US, to bring the natural birth right of the naturalness of sexuality. Find out how you can open up to more bliss and depth to your Spirit and Body. With healer genes, she has been in the healing arts for 20 years. Drawing from the arts of: Tantra, Quodoushka , Energetic Qi Gong Healing, NLP, massage, Aquatic Body work, Psychotherapy,Trauma Release and others. She loves working with women, men and couples and of all sexual orientations.

  • Intimacy & Sex Coaching
  • Women’s Empowerment
  • Sexual Trauma
  • Trance Bliss Journeys
  • Soul Touch
  • Intimacy gatherings


Sexual Educator and Healer in Colorado


Member of the Sexual Educators Guild

My mission in life is to transform the conversation of sex in the world. One of the ways I am doing this is through this web site which is devoted to educating those interested in learning about how to connect with others. By transforming the conversation of sex we can take it from being a shadow topic of conversation and move it into the light. The result will be happiness, fulfillment, enrichment, and connection between the masculine and feminine.
I am a Certified Tantric Educator from Charles Muir. I have been trained in Quodoushka levels 1-4, Healing Tao and Body Electric.
I will help you to:

  • Find your true self through Tantra
  • pen your soul to be the sexual being that you deserve to be
  • Learn the inner workings of your own needs
  • Create growth in your ability to relate to your sexual partner
  • Grow through delving into your body’s sexual past
  • Help guide you through sexual healing modalities
  • Explain various aspects of your sexuality
  • Become the strong, fulfilled person that you always wanted to be!

Contact me for a free 30-minute consultation today.



Sexual Educator and Healer in Colorado
Amy Eudis McBain

Wheat Ridge, CO

I am a free spirited Bohemian, who has a passion for life and want others to find their Bliss. I've also been called a Sexual Shaman. I found my true self through sexual exploration and believe I can help others do the same, and that we can change the world if we harness the energy of intentional orgasm. I have launched this business featuring Intentional Orgasm with the goal of bringing the power and peace of meditation to the masses, and helping others to awaken to their true potential through the exploration and intent of the most powerful energetic experience one can have, orgasm. I have created a process that helps you release all of your negative energy, blocks, programming, and fear/guilt/shame around sex through guided meditation, chakra opening, aura cleanse, and DNA activation, which I then take and activate in your body through a special 3 position, sensual tantric massage utilizing elemental energy touch which culminates in me bringing you to orgasm manually so that you can super charge the intention of what you want to manifest in your life with the potent creative power of your own orgasmic energy. This is a combination of ancient spiritual practices combined with forward thinking sex positive concepts. It changes lives in just one session! I am a mountain girl who loves to read, write and explore my boundless spirituality through ancient teachings bridged with forward thinking concepts. I have studied traditional psychology, tantra, intentional orgasm, Orgasmic Meditation, Reiki, Native American Shamanism and Shaman healing, Kabbalah, Ritual Mastery, Magick, path of the High Priestess, meditation, essential oils, herbs, crystals, Access Consciousness, Human Design System, and many other ancient mystery school teachings. I am an eternal student of life and love, and urge others to do the same. My primary focus is a process I created called Intentional Orgasm which can be experienced one on one, as a couple, or in a group setting. I also host a monthly workshop called Orgasmic Sensation Experience - utilizing the same concepts with the amplification of group energy. I've just started to offer women only goddess workshops involving Yoni steaming, sunning and gazing. You can find my workshops posted on Meet-Up at Temple of Ishtar as well as on Facebook - Intentional Orgasm. I offer the following additional services: guided meditation; group meditation; intention setting; Intentional Orgasm; couples healing; assistance with letting go of barriers through conscious intention and rituals; life coaching; Reiki; Shaman Healing; Chakra balancing and clearing; breath work; Access Consciousness; cap removal; DNA activation; cord cutting; oracle cards; essential oil therapy; house clearing, gridding and sealing for protection; Conception-Gestation-Birth Meditations; creating sacred space; and counseling. Can accommodate groups or one on one. To schedule a session with Intentional Orgasm, contact Amy at or by phone at 303-204-7309. For more information on the specifics of my practice as well as the philosophy behind it and pricing, see my website: My studio is located in Wheat Ridge and I also do house calls for an extra charge.

  • Intentional Orgasm - Changing the World, One Orgasm at a Time



Sexual Educator and Healer in Colorado
Chris DeCicco

Boulder, CO

Hi , I am Chris DeCicco and would be honored to be a resource for you on this sacred path of love. If you are wanting to let go of your old stories and increase your capacity to love, rediscover the fire within and be fully who you are then this may be the sign you have been looking for. I have been embodying the wisdom of all those before me studying, training, teaching and practicing Tantra, Mindfulness, Yoga, and other relating and touch based practices for many years in order to be of service to the light within all beings. Is Tantra , Sacred Sexuality and Conscious Loving for you? Tantra is a system of practices and techniques based on the idea and belief that all things including sexuality are a gift. When we fully love, accept, and utilize this gift to connect within to our source and then with another nothing is more divine in the universe. My hope is to help you experience and learn the value of Conscious Sexuality in a way that is sustainable in your everyday life, for your long term joy and happiness. Why work with a professional educator practitioner ? We can help guide you and or your partnership in your own empowerment, awakening, healing and exploration in a way that helps you feel safe, held and supported to allow yourself the experience what you seek. This sometimes can be more difficult alone with a beloved partner then with a teacher. To fully let go of anything that may be in the way of your own power takes a certain level of skill and guidance that you will receive. Will it work for you? The power of your own intention and belief is what can transmute and transform your relationship to yourself and ripple out into all areas of your life. Let us call forth the divine sacredness of sexual energy for pleasure, creativity and healing. My personal mission is to co-create a world of love, joy and abundance through helping each other be the love we all are. To me this means rediscovering our unconditional love for self and the light within all. I will bring a level of awareness, authenticity and conscious touch that can facilitate release, and energetic expansion. We will utilize all available modalities to get out of our heads and into our bodies. These will include movement, meditations, visualizations, breath work, sounds and touch. Please call me to discuss your interest and let me know how I can support you. Thanks and Blessings Chris

  • Feel more open, alive, awakened, orgasmic and in touch with your desires
  • Be more present and available, and confident in your intimacy and sexual mastery
  • Couples will feel more connected and loving than ever before
  • Conscious Singles and Couples Coaching and Dating Guidance also available
  • Initiation into the Creative Energy that is your birthright
  • The Soulmate Matchmaker - I can help you find your partner



Sexual Educator and Healer in Colorado
Dawn Beck

Boulder, CO

Member of the Sexual Educators Guild

I invite and support you to live in your power as a sexual, spiritual, and embodied being! As a Certified Tantric Educator, I work with massage, breath, sound, and healing & awakening practices to encourage you to release old patterns, bring your sexual and heart centers into alignment, and realize your deepest potential for pleasure and love!

  • Experience how receiving love can heal and open your heart
  • Awaken your birthright of pleasure potential
  • Learn how to connect to your own Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energy
  • Be in your joyful power as a single man or woman.. or.. if you desire, manifest a relationship that meets and serves you
  • Open your heart to more intimacy, connection and love
  • Bring deep understanding of Sacred Sexuality into your life



Sexual Educator and Healer in Colorado
Joanna Shakti

Boulder, CO

Joanna Shakti founded Ecstatic Intimacy, where she offers programs, events, and mentoring to men and women that empower them to put the hot and happy back into love. Joanna says, “Too many nice guys “finish last,” too many successful women can’t seem to find a great man, and way too many people find themselves in the friend-zone.” \r\n\r\nAs The Soul Love Mentor, Joanna inspires anyone who hungers for deeper love and intimate pleasure… to find and create a relationship that is an expression of ecstatic authenticity, intimacy and ecstasy. You might have even seen her on America’s Got Talent!\r\n

  • Attract the partner of your dreams
  • Open your heart to greater levels of love and intimacy
  • Love Soul to Soul
  • Reawaken and reconnect to your essential feminine/masculine nature
  • Discover the power and possibility of intimate communication
  • Maximize sexual chemistry



Sexual Educator and Healer in Colorado
Leah Alchin

Boulder, CO/Santa Cruz, CA

Have you ever worked privately with a Tantra Professional? The process is simple, but deep..... First we invoke a sacred and spiritual container for us both to feel totally safe. From there I will bring you into your body with massage, asking you to breathe by expanding the length of your inhale and exhale. I will consciously put energy out my hands that will begin to create a mind body connection between the seven different energy centers called chakras. These areas of consciousness are like extensions of the brain, they hold stress and trauma. But that\'s not their only function, with intention we want to align these energy centers because they play a big part in rewiring the body to hold higher levels of arousal. That's right, we want to teach your body to run more orgasmic current, beyond the genitals and into every cell. From an esoteric point of view these chakras, once awake, can fuel your enlightenment! On a psychological level, they each hold issues like, survival, rejection, disempowerment, hurts, shyness, lack of confidence, anger, depression, and dysfunction, etc. Let's open a pure gateway so that you can release anything that isn't love in your body! Leah began her Tantra education in 1997 and started co-teaching seminars with Charles Muir in 2004. She is an Advanced Certified Tantra Educator, Vice President and Director of Events at the Source School of Tantra Yoga. Leah also teaches Tantra at the prestigious Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. Leah is Founder of Tantra Love Guide, Founder of Dakini Love and Co-Founder of More Love Seminars, which provides personal coaching and seminars for couples and singles and is designed to promote Tantra education through sexual healing, pleasure, intimacy, and spiritual connection.

  • You will learn the basics of Tantric breathing, meditations, movement, sound, and how they apply to sexual and non-sexual experiences.
  • Experience the New Frontier of male sexual energy thru, sacred spot massage, ejaculation choice, and quadruple the length of your orgasm.
  • Learn how your eyes, words, emotions and vulnerability can take you to intimacy bliss!
  • Coaching on how to improve your skills as a sexual healer and awakener.
  • Female sacred spot massage ritual ~ to heal, awaken, and release unlimited energy!
  • Special rates during my trip to Colorado, save up $200 per session!


Website:,, and

Sexual Educator and Healer in Colorado
Ed Fell

Maui, Hawaii

Ed is a Master Teacher and Facilitator, Intimacy Guru and Coach. He and his partner Judith Shivani offer learning and healing vacations on Maui for individuals and couples. Ed and Judith are teaching 'The Art of Sacred Intimacy' trainings for couples around the world. Ed is the author of the Lovers Codes; a foundation for inspiring intimacy and offers a 30 Session experience for couples to deepen emotionally, spiritually and sexually. The program includes the book, coaching and instruction.

  • Couples Intimacy with Lovers Codes
  • Sexual concerns
  • Men's work
  • Initiations into the Sacred Masculine
  • Intimacy Education Vacations on Maui
  • Both in-person or phone coaching; free consultation



Sexual Educator and Healer in Colorado

Superior, CO

It is a great joy for me to step into the role of Dakini - embracing the Feminine Goddess and providing a safe and sensual space for you to relax in to your body's pleasure and full orgasmic potential. I offer you the opportunity to awaken and experience your life-force energy in ways you never thought possible! Through some very simple yet powerful practices, I will guide you into the realms of your energy body that are begging to be discovered! Let us embrace our Divine Masculine/Feminine and truly understand and experience the power of the passion that lies within us :) For more information please visit:

  • Sensual Body Massage
  • Sacred Sexuality Practices
  • Intimacy Coaching
  • Chakra Merging
  • Multiple Orgasm Practices
  • Healing Through Pleasure



Sexual Educator and Healer in Colorado
Judith Shivani Davis

Maui, HI, Boulder, CO

Has been involved in the healing arts since 1976, with specialties in Sacred Sexual/Spiritual healing, healing from Trauma and structural body work (Rolfing). She is assistant instructor and coordinator for the Source School of Tantra Yoga Teacher Trainings in Calif. Judith Shivani Davis maintains a private Body Wisdom practice using:

  • Massage/Rolfing/Body Wisdom
  • Uses spirituality inquiry and soul recognition to reveal essence
  • Past Diamond Approach Teacher, a school for spiritual development
  • Individual, couples and group facilitation to awaken sexual and intimacy potential
  • Coaching for Intimacy skillbuilding and Sexual Healing
  • Women's empowerment



Sexual Educator and Healer in Colorado
Judith Condon

Boulder, CO

Judith is both a teacher and student of Tantra. Margot Anand's SkyDancingTantra has been her strongest influence. Judith has studied and practiced and continues to study and practice with Dawn Cartwright, Steve and Lokita Carter, Crystal Dawn Morris, Gaia, Alan Lowen and many others.

  • Group Events -
  • Singles and Couples Sessions
  • 3/2014 Journey to India - Mumbai,Khajuraho Pune,Goa, Delhi - 3/2010




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